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Pattara Resort and Spa is the first and only resort in the center of Phitsanulok. Pattara Resort and Spa's rooms are surrounded in nature with a private atmosphere. Every room can access to the infinite swimming pool with jaquizzi bed surrounded by beautiful pond and gardens.

Pattara  Resort and Spa has been chosen as one of the top accommodation in Phitsanulok. We also received the Thailand Boutique awards for the luxury hotel group in Nature and environment conservation. Over 10-year Pattara Resort and Spa has a great opportunity to accomodate several well- known people such as Princess Ubol Ratana, Princess Bajrakitiyabha and Ex-priminister Abhisit Vejjajiva, etc. our last fully renovation was in December 2019
,ที่เที่ยว พิษณุโลก ,พิษณุโลก pantip ,โรงแรมพิษณุโลก

Best Location - Nearby Phitsanulok Attractions


Golden Buddha image

The main wí·hăhn (sanctuary) at this temple, known by locals as Wat Yai, appears small from the outside, but houses the Phra Phuttha Chinnarat, one of Thailand’s most revered and copied Buddha images.

  • By Taxi Metre: 5 Minute ,ที่เที่ยว พิษณุโลก ,พิษณุโลก pantip ,โรงแรมพิษณุโลก 


Walking Street

Phitsanulok's Walking Street is only held one night a week on Saturdays. At the end of the afternoon, the Sangkha Bucha Road becomes pedestrian and welcomes the stalls of vendors of all kinds

  • By Taxi Metre: 5 Minute ,ที่เที่ยว พิษณุโลก ,พิษณุโลก pantip ,โรงแรมพิษณุโลก 



Sukhothai National Park 

The Sukhothai Historical Park ruins are one of Thailand’s most impressive World Heritage Sites. The park includes the remains of 21 historical sites and four large ponds within the old walls, with an additional 70 sites within a 5km radius.

  • By Taxi Metre: 45 Minute ,ที่เที่ยว พิษณุโลก ,พิษณุโลก pantip ,โรงแรมพิษณุโลก

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